“It’s wintertime and the weather’s fine”, once sang famous New Brunswicker Stompin’ Tom Connors in a song named… The Snowmobile Song! All our Ski-Doo fans know damn well the feeling, though there’s another one they really don’t want to feel: frustration caused by a breakdown. The antidote for this is simple: maintenance.

Here are five aspects of your snowmobile’s maintenance you should consider. Your owner’s manual explains the steps to follow. However, if you’re not much of a handy person, you can count on the help of Loiselle Sports’ qualified technicians to keep your snowmobile in top condition.


Check the throttle and brake lever to make sure both operate correctly. Your throttle lever should move smoothly and quickly return to its original position when released. Then squeeze the brake lever to ensure it doesn’t feel spongy or go all the way to the handlebar.

Battery (if equipped)

If equipped, fully charge the battery and make sure that it continues to hold a charge. If the battery quickly loses its charge, then it’s time to replace it.

Injection Oil

Be aware that some Ski-Doo trail sleds use a Rotax 2-stroke engine and require injection oil. Check the reservoir level and add some if needed. Other Ski-Doo models use a Rotax 4-stroke engine, you must change oil every year.

Rear Suspension Components

Note that there are several areas to look over in the rear suspension when you’re getting your snowmobile ready for winter. For instance the rear idler wheels: look for rips, tears or chunking in the rubber and spin each wheel to ensure it spins freely and correctly.

Track Tension

Look for rips, tears, holes, or missing tugs in your track. You’ll also need to check track tension (deflection) and alignment. This process is outlined in the Owner’s Manual.

And don’t forget to…

  • Make sure the exhaust outlet is free of any obstruction
  • Verify if the headlight and taillight come on at sled startup
  • Keep an eye out for signs of oil, brake fluid or coolant leaks
  • Check shocks as well and inspect for any leaking around the seals

If you have any questions or if you spot a problem on your snowmobile, don’t hesitate to contact us at Loiselle Sports, your Ski-Doo and Lynx dealership in Limoges and Gatineau.