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New 2017 Honda Motorcycles for Sale

2017 Honda Motorcycles

2017 Honda Motorcycles Cruiser

Welcome to the ultimate cruising experience. Powered by the incomparable power and pulse of our V-twin engines. And decked out in retro, boulevard bad boy style, boasting coolly classic lines and chrome from tip to tail. Are you ready to rumble? Then saddle up, and feel the rush that only these machines can deliver.

Honda Cruiser

2017 Honda Motorcycles Sport

Throw your leg over one of our supersport machines just once and you'll never ride anything but red again. More than half a century of race-bred engineering, fine-tuned at the highest and most heatedly contested levels of road racing in the world, have been poured into the bikes you see here. Sleek, eye-catching and packed with our latest, highest tech from nose to tail, our sport motorcycles exist for one reason: to strike fear in the hearts of every other machine out there.

Honda Sport

2017 Honda Motorcycles Naked

Polished aluminum accents on the satin black engine enhance appearance and reinforce the CB1100's high quality image.

Honda Naked

2017 Honda Motorcycles Adventure

Over every hill, and around every corner, there’s a story waiting to be discovered. And our lineup of adventure bikes is conceived, designed and built to help you chase down the greatest tales, one by one. From our CRF250L, all the way to our renowned Africa Twin®, you’ll find an adventure model loaded with reliability, innovation, quality and capability to get you on the path you seek. So let’s get started on your next great adventure.

Honda Adventure

2017 Honda Motorcycles Dirt Bikes Competition

On the track, on the course, on the trails: wherever you ride, if you care enough to compete, you want to win. And even if you don’t get up on the podium, you want to know you gave it your best shot, and that your bike held up its end of the bargain. That’s exactly how we feel, and why we do our best to give you the best bikes out there. Honda’s off-road competition lineup. Bikes built for winners.


2017 Honda Motorcycles Dirt Bikes Trail

Mobile phones. Laptops. Video games. Instant messenger. Email. Before your family gets lost in the virtual world, show them the real world on Honda's family of rugged, reliable CRF/Fs. Designed for riders at every level, the CRF/F series is ideal for exploring the back-country, the dunes and everything in between.


2017 Honda Motorcycles Dirt Bikes Dual Sport

Whether you're trekking through the concrete canyons of the city or exploring remote mountain passes, every minute is an adventure waiting to happen. That's why our dual-sport bikes are a versatile combination of rugged, terrain-swallowing action hero and comfortable, smooth-handling long-distance runner. Ready for a change of scenery?

Dual Sport